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  1. MiryskGaming

    New Chat Box Suggestion.

    Do you Guys want a Example i will only PM a Admin or mod dont Want to advertise it
  2. MiryskGaming

    XboxModders Skin| Minecraft | Download

    Hey Guys i made a skin for xbox modders its not so good but i tried my Best here are some pics :) http://gyazo.com/2518976350126e667297f3e3099a9f7b http://gyazo.com/083a8c72a4119523b01f95f5a330b9b1 Yes, i do need to fix some problems but other than that its Cool here is the DL link. http://www.mediafire.com/download/1jzvmhqjo5yqopr/skin_2013052810433631853.png Enjoy!
  3. MiryskGaming

    New Chat Box Suggestion.

    Hey Staff Im suggesting New Chat Box its Better than The one we have now. WHY? - Because you can Instantly Receive Messages. How?- I Can get a Embed code and Give it to a Admin so they can add it to the site. Whats so good about this Chat?- Instead of you Recieving Messages in 5 Minutes from the Shoutbox, You can get it in 1 Second. also, You can Ban or Kick Spammers,Advertisers ECT For as Long as you want Music can be added ________________________________________________________________________________ I Spent Alot of my time Trying to Get Admins To go with my Idea. If you would consider my Idea I Will be Grateful. But if you do not Agree Its Ok i will still be a Nobel Member. I Do not Get Mad when someone DisAgrees With my Idea i still try to find a Idea to help the site. I Will spend Alot of Time Into the site.
  4. MiryskGaming

    Black Ops 2 Mod Menu with Download Link

    Is This Legit??? Please can someone Vouch.
  5. MiryskGaming

    Hello, Im MiryskGaming

    Hey Guys Im New here I Read Half the Rules But ill be sure to Read the Rest when i wake up Later today. If you can Help me Around the site it will be Appreciated :).