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  1. Ghost

    Gta Iv W@w Mw2 Iso Disc Shop/for Sale (Open) [Cheap]

    Seems legit....
  2. Ghost

    How To Restore Windows 98

    Nice topic man!
  3. Ghost

    Hey Guys Im Zombies

    Welcome Zombie Very Happy you joined! PS: New York FTW :D! ( Lower Manhattan, New York City )
  4. Ghost

    Jtag Information And Guides!

    It is all good thank you for taking it that way! Sorry if i came off mean!
  5. Ghost

    Jtag Information And Guides!

    Coping my Thread? You literally coppied everything from what i posted LOL http://www.xboxmodders.com/topic/4686-jtag-information-and-guides/
  6. Ghost

    Difference Between Jtag And Rgh

    Lol It is a good topic though?
  7. Ghost

    Difference Between Jtag And Rgh

    No Source, This is not yours, Maybe put a source...
  8. Call Of Duty is the best LOL!
  9. Ghost


    Welcome to Xbox Modders
  10. New Price 110+Shipping Final Price!!!
  11. @Recon, This is my Only one, but i had a few about a year ago!