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  1. Monster Energy

    Visit HostWire.tk for cheap site hosting!

    or my my can get you a free version of Invision power board instaed of paying for it
  2. Monster Energy

    Xbox Live

    its to risky i have to find a prepaid card that i have lying oround then ill do it ok and besides it has 0$ on it ok pm ill di it
  3. Monster Energy

    Banner or Signia

    Hi I have this as my banner http://gyazo.com/d5fa77e2b840f98b247b7b23951f29b4 can anyone make me a logo saying TheTechSystem please and make it to match the picture please and look professional thank you
  4. Monster Energy

    look into this ok.

    Can you show me please?
  5. Monster Energy

    look into this ok.

    yes it would look nice adding a download section in the header http://gyazo.com/e30d2f1347757c5db513bca47d3afec3 instead of a forum ok that looks way better and more business community ok
  6. Monster Energy

    Speech Jammer lol

    honestly I thinks its pretty stupid reason is! he didn't show the device and anyone can practice to stutter to get good that's my opinion ok
  7. Monster Energy


    I think rep bar would be nice but 25 thanks would be kinda easy I think it should be more like 25 post earn 1 rep and 100 post get 2 or one ok but thanks no!
  8. Hi do you sell any of these ISO! if so please pm me and can I hot swap it on my slim. xbox ok
  9. Monster Energy

    OG name cheack it

    Hello I have a Xbox Gamertag I think is OG and you tell me what you will pay for it $1/2 don't matter Booty Delicious please rate and leave me a post thank you.
  10. Monster Energy

    Hello team plyers needed.

    Hello i'm looking team players that really take the game seriously and do team player for instants cover each others back when walking and suppressing fire to help others and a squad for xbox360 my Gamertag is (Yur Terminated)
  11. Monster Energy

    Hello there im new

    Hi I was a member on TTG but their screwie in a way they bann for the dumpass reason so I took my favorite name of all