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  1. SwerveProductionss

    Read before making a thread!

  2. SwerveProductionss

    How did you find XboxModders.com?

    How did you find XboxModders.com? ME: I found them while I have searching Google for modding sites.
  3. This is a video I found earlier when I was helping another member. It worked for him so hopefully it works for you. Personally, I haven't tried it because my computer that I use for modding is running XP so hopefully it works for you guys.
  4. SwerveProductionss

    Tips On Making A Good Suggestion

    Thanks man. Will do.
  5. With the recent Purge by Microsoft we have noticed there has been a rapid increase in the number of "oG" related topics. Only use this topic from now on to discuss Original Gamertags (oG's)/Have your gamertag rated. You may use http://www.sewerwaste.com/checkagt/ to check the availability of a Gamertag. I would also like to remind you that Trading or Selling Gamertags/Accounts are not allowed on TMM and will result in a Warning, as well as a Ban. If you see any topics relating to oG Discussion/Selling then please report them for either "Selling Accounts" or "Spamming". Do not post on the topic as you will bump it up, just Report it and allow staff to deal with it A.S.A.P. Please use the Thumbs Up/Down button on replies to agree/disagree to rate a users Gamertag.
  6. SwerveProductionss

    Read before making a thread!

    Below are a few rules for this new section! 1. If you wish to ask a specific staff member something personal, please use a PM. Any threads that break this rule will be deleted without notice. 2. If your thread has been responded to and closed yet you feel that they missed something with their answer please PM the staff member who posted the response. Do not make another thread or you will risk being banned. 3. Do not post asking about how to get a badge, if you do post asking how to get one you will be issued a warning and your thread deleted. 4. Do not make a post asking for staff to "check out your topic." You'll be running the risk of being warned/banned. 5. Do not make a post asking how to become staff, or anything about being staff. 6. Do not post asking why your topic was closed/deleted. All topics are closed/deleted for a reason, even though one may not be given. 7. Do not create a post asking about "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" on your thread. This will be considered spamming and you will receive a warning. 8. Do not create a topic reporting a member for breaking a rule, use the built-in report function for this. 9. Do not create a topic asking how many warnings you have or how many you can get before getting banned. This is spam and you will receive a warning. 10. Staff will not change any inactive/banned members usernames just for you to gain their username. Some notes you should know about this forum: 1. Once you submit a thread to ask the staff, you will be unable to reply to the thread. 2. Only staff can reply to your thread once it has been posted. 3. If you have a actual issue with the site itself please use this Forum 4. This forum is for general questions you may have about the rules or common site practices. 5. When making a thread please make the title relevant to your question to better help staff assist you.
  7. Before you do anything try cleaning your cookies, cache and temporary internet files and then reboot your computer. If your still having an issue with the site please include the following information. A detailed explanation of the error and what you where doing when you received it. Screenshot if possible of the error. Any error number or error text you receive. Your browser name and version. Your computer operating system. We will let you know if we require more information.
  8. SwerveProductionss

    Tips On Making A Good Suggestion

    Wanna make a suggestion? Read this first! I will be showing you Some good basics to use when making a suggestion! 1. Do some research. See if theres already a suggestion for the same thing, If there is dont post. If not then continue with the other tips! 2. Making a nice title. Something thats right to the point, Something like (New idea for the rep system) or (Clothing Thread Suggestion) 3. Start off by telling your suggestion. (Something like, I think we should add This, Or that.) 4. Then go onto explaining why the site would benefit by adding your suggestion. This one is important! (So if i was making a suggestion for adding a Clothing Board) I might say I think the site would benefit from this because it would be a nice place for member who enjoy fashion to chat about all the new styles. And where to shop for them, And display their clothing. Idk its a stupid thought. But you can get the idea why i think it would benefit the site. 5. Give an example of your idea. As long as you don't advertise a site in the process. Maybe like a screen shot of your suggestion in affect on a different site. 6. Make a poll. Make a poll to go along with you post, So maybe something like, Would you like to see this in affect. (Yes, or No) Hope this helped a little, If you have any ideas how i could improve this post please feel free to PM me or post a comment.