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    Custom Total Miner Intro And Logo.

    double post.. ignore this >.>

    Custom Total Miner Intro And Logo.

    I'll be on most of the day from today till Monday. So just message me on Xbox, and i'll be happy to check the world out :] Appreciate it man! And holy cheese indeed X] Just takes practice man :] keep at it

    Creative Mode Bugs In 1.7

    So i Skimmed through previous bug reports and didn't seem to come across these, So do excuse me if these have been mentioned before. Anyways these two bugs have been crippling for me and others who build on creative, And base our builds off a specific texture pack. When you set your texture pack to anything other than original in the initial customization menu for your world, Other players will not spawn in the map with the texture pack you selected. It will always be "Original" or the texture pack they had previously selected before joining the world. It seems to be a problem for everyone i have talked to who uses a creative map. This is literally causing us to inform every individual person who joins our worlds to change to the proper texture pack. The second bug i'd like to make mention of would be something that largely varies in creative maps, Depending on the dimensions they choose most likely. My map dimesnions are 736x736x242 Flat seed 900795257 ground level 226 from depth 240-223 it wall cause any visitor too immediately have the loading screen pop-up regardless if that area is loaded or not. The user can escape it eventually but it will happen every-time they enter that depth zone. This bug does not affect the host. The bug is very similar to the one that causes maps not to show up for visitors at certain depth. Anyways, Really hope to see these fixed in the next patch Worlds always open if you need to come check it out in person.

    HD Texture Packs

    Appreciate the template and the info. Before i start i was wondering if any blocks are subject to gutting like in the 16x16 texture packs?

    Custom Total Miner Intro And Logo.

    Updated and removed the extra bit of rock :]

    Custom Total Miner Intro And Logo.

    Thank you :] I painted it in Photoshop CS5 with a Wacom Intuos4 Tablet. You don't like that part either huh? well i'll update it tonight and remove the extra rock. Demman32 would be correct. Link to my texture pack post here

    Custom Total Miner Intro And Logo.

    Yes, I am planning on doing an HD texture pack. Will be themed around the feudal japan era. :] Though i'm still waiting for a dev to give us the proper editing template and details.

    Custom Total Miner Intro And Logo.

    I actually ported my texture pack to MC a while back when i was trying to test it. I had a post about it here Will make a download for it eventually if you want?

    Custom Total Miner Intro And Logo.

    Oh? I'll definitely have to keep an eye out for his world when i'm on. :] I feel bad for updating the pack only recently now D: Thanks for the info though
  10. LLAMAvsCOW

    Custom Total Miner Intro And Logo.

    I definitely put allot of thought into the color scheme, Great to hear you like it though! :]
  11. LLAMAvsCOW

    Custom Total Miner Intro And Logo.

    Definitely happy to hear people are using my pack, Cant wait to see what people do with the updated version of it next patch. :]
  12. LLAMAvsCOW

    Custom Total Miner Intro And Logo.

    Really appreciate all the support guys :] Haha weird thing to dislike, But if anyone else mentions they don't like it I will change it. Thank you though :]
  13. So this has been a little side project i've been working on in my free time. Decided to design my own intro artwork and logo for the game. I had mainly made this for craig but if any community members want to use these for video intros or whatever feel more than free to do so. Credit is not required but appreciated. Anyways onto the artwork, The whole thing took around 10-12 hours (alot of contemplating haha). :] If you would like a custom size for a wallpaper just message me and will get back to you when i can. 12/31/2011- Few corrections, Thanks for the feedback. info: Intro Artwork. Image Size 1920x1080px res (1080p) Direct link here (jpg) Direct link here (png) Re-designed logo Image Size 880x600px Direct link here (png)