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  1. Sinful


    And guess whos back, back again, Sinful's back. ;)
  2. Sinful

    Runescape Private Server... Anyone help?

    we dont need a vps atm but thanks, we will need something bigger as more people get on (ill let you know) thanks tho
  3. Sinful


    yup :D
  4. Sinful

    4.7k Members Mybb Database

    thanks bro
  5. Sinful

    Runescape Private Server... Anyone help?

    i can code breh, just hit me up
  6. Full Database :: $30 Members Table :: $10 Monitorize Can Vouch. For Purchases Send The Money To Monitorize, He will let me know who paid
  7. SinfulMafia is paying $1500+ for a demo track from the rapper Tyga. We have already contacted his manager and we are figuring out prices We are telling the manager what we are about and he said "Tyga is actually interested in making that demo track, he hasnt made one about hacking before so he will think about it and i will get back to you". We will be putting on youtube as soon as its done!
  8. Sinful


    XM Should Partner With SinfulMafia as SinfulMafia is already partnered with VM (ViRuZ MaFiA), Ghost, & YBZ
  9. Sinful


    Hello everyone i am Sinful, i own SinfulMafia. we are a blackhat and all purpose forum as alot of you know, cream and i have been partners in crime for about 3 years now and we have no intent to stop. i cannot say my reasons of being a bh as some people do not like or agree with my reasonings so by me not telling you it will not cause conflict. i am here to help out when i can as i own my own site (sinfulmafia.com) and im trying to get the activity up on there. i do have some great methods and tips but i cannot share some of them, alot are private. i used to have xbox but i got console banned about 4 months ago, i do plan on getting xbox again whenever i have the money. I Have been doing web development for about 6 years now so i am very useful at making new / cool / interesting things. i have been programming in C# for about 4 years, i can make pretty much anything due to dedicating myself to it for a little while. If you would or need to contact me feel free. Contact Methods Private Messages AIM (H.ard) Skype (Sinful.Mafia) Website (sinfulmafia.com) Email (sinful@sinfulmafia.com)