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  1. Pherix

    Gfx Badges

    Oh they're nice, but you did at least not create the top one. As I know the original creator of that UB... So whats your defense this time around?..
  2. Pherix

    Some Gfx Badges

    In the original post in this thread, he didn't say bluntly out that he made them. But if you scroll down, he takes full credit for it himself. Here he says he made them for fun Here he says it took him 5 mins to make a complete set That is taking credit for something he did not do.
  3. Pherix

    Some Gfx Badges

    Well if he isn't, and if he doesn't change this topic.. I'll request it to be deleted... 'w'
  4. Pherix

    Some Gfx Badges

    How come you are lying to the community? You didn't make these yourself, you made them using a template ( A PSD ). The original PSD was download from TheAdminZone and I even have the direct link and the link to the topic about it. You can say that you copied it, but they are 100% identical, there is no way that you copied something 100% alike someone elses work. They were originally posted on; 05-25-11, 08:39 The only other explanation would be that you were the original creator, which would need proof. Identical Test ( Side by Side ) Link to TheAdminZone original topic Link to PSD Download ( Non-Direct ) ( Top Post ) Link to PSD Download ( Direct Link ) Now, either show some proof that you are the original creator or admit you theft...
  5. Pherix

    How did you find XboxModders.com?

    The problem is that I was on quite a few different sites at one time, which I am still. So basically I could have gotten the info from this site from any of those... 'w'
  6. My reason is un-decided, yet decided to stay here.

  7. Pherix

    How did you find XboxModders.com?

    I wish I remembered, I joined XboxModders a while back and I haven't really regretted it a bit.
  8. Pherix

    Read before making a thread!

    Just who are you.... -___- You're IP logger says you live in the same country and city as me... Me scared....
  9. Pherix

    It's Zeva!

    Hello and welcome to the site! If you need graphical help or help in general, I'll be here...
  10. Pherix

    Need some advice

    Its just that I have been on countless forums over the past year and everyone have been using IPB, the over all interface and look of IPB is getting boring and the text editor is worse than the on for MyBB. I have also never seen a IPB theme that is as good as most MyBB themes.. Why so hostile Panther? I never pick sides, I am where I can help and I had already helped XM some and wanted to help someone else a little bit..
  11. Pherix

    Need some advice

    Why are you being so overly annoyed by someone saying no? You must think you would gain a great deal on this, seeing how you are getting upset because a simple no. Well over to the topic: I do think XM should change software to either XenForo or MyBB, as IPB is getting boring and MyBB for example is way better. I do not think we should combine XM and TGD as there is no real need to do it. We are a good community and we are able to stand on our own.
  12. Pherix

    Banner or Signia

    Why would he need a Sig/Avatar maker when he needs a logo/banner for a site? Also, they don't rip off, they do a legitimate trade since they either lack the time to waste on it unless paid or they need the cash. I could give it a shot, though I would need the size and possible font.
  13. Pherix

    xYourSora here

    Hello and welcome to the site, enjoy your stay!
  14. Pherix

    Earl's Introduction

    Hello and welcome to the site, enjoy your stay!
  15. Pherix

    Hello there im new

    Hello and welcome to the site, enjoy your stay!