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  1. Majora

    A Re-introduction

    Hello everyone, I am Majora. I was on this forum at it's busiest stage and would hope to see it do well once again. Welcome to all new members and hello to all the old. It's nice to be back.
  2. Just checking in! How is everyone? :)

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    2. Panther


      Well you don't want to miss out. You'll regret it in the long run.

    3. Majora


      I may, i'll check in everyday to see how the sites doing.

    4. NoFEAR â„¢

      NoFEAR â„¢

      Really good and I miss you lol

  3. Alright so i'm heading off guys, i've enjoyed being a member/staff on this awesome site but it's time for me to leave. Best of luck to Mon and all of the members on XM Peace Out. Thanks List Monitorize Ace Feat Dark
  4. Majora

    Hello I'm DizzyDev

    Welcome to Xm! If you have any problems or questions feel free to pm me!
  5. I suggest around 10-15 posts to use the shoutbox
  6. Majora

    Cats or dogs?

    I'd have to choose a Dog, loved them since I was a kid :)
  7. Majora


    Welcome to XM :) if you have any problems feel free to pm me :)
  8. Majora

    2000 Members Hit!

    It's awesome to see XM growing more and more and i'm glad to be a part of it :)
  9. Majora

    Black Ops 2

    Hey guys, if anyone would like to play some BO2 i'm up for it. I'll play the following game modes Search And Destroy Domination Capture The Flag Hardpoint My GT is - eSq Derek I'll add everyone just send me a message saying you're from the site :)
  10. I'm back and hopefully for good. I had alot of things going on so i'm sorry for not being as active as much.

  11. Majora


    Welcome to XM! Hope you enjoy it here and if you have any problems please pm me :)
  12. Majora

    Bo2 XP/Mod Menu

    Please provide some proof.
  13. Microsoft is reportedly issuing permanent Xbox Live bans to users found to be playing Halo 4 ahead of its official launch. "During your suspension, you will not be able to log into Xbox Live," reads the Microsoft messaging sent to some members of the Reddit community. "Your Xbox Live privileges will not be reinstated." Halo franchise director Frank O'Connor said over the weekend that he was unsurprised by the recent Halo 4 leak, which has seen copies of the game sneak into the wild almost a month ahead of the Halo 4 release date of November 6. Microsoft said last week that it's "working closely with our security teams and law enforcement to address the situation". Source: http://www.computerandvideogames.com/373000/halo-4-leak-microsoft-perma-banning-early-players/
  14. Majora


    Welcome to the site :)
  15. Majora

    Hi Everyone! I am Don

    Hey there :) Welcome to the site!