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    i no ohw two spel prrrfecly

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    pie,pie,pie,pie,pie,meat and potato pie....... :O i almost forgot......PIE!!!!!!!
  1. a rabid miner


    wow!! is that from an actual picture or have you made it?(sorry i dont understand how HD texture packs work) thats amazing :D
  2. a rabid miner

    do you like this song

    well,the singing is alright,your right,but i mostly apreciate it for the guitar solos since i play guitar,and i think the singing is good,so thats why i feel like its my favourite song :D and im glad you have listened to them :)
  3. a rabid miner

    do you like this song

    i just basically love guns n roses,this is my favourite song though because its got everything i like,type of music,guitar solos and more that i like...what i want to know is what you think of this song and if you have never listend to it,you can thank me now hahah :D i personally think that this is one of the best songs i have heard,i dont like lots of that electronic computer generated stuff that we have today i like this music that actually takes skill and talent to do,so just leave a comment saying if you like it or not :D it may seem abit slow but there is some guitar solos in it ;)
  4. a rabid miner

    I You Could Have...

    a gibson les paul :D
  5. a rabid miner

    Great Servers List

    a rabid mi......just joking :P , i hug my 360 shared a world with me and it was absolutally amazing,it had this structure of a pyrimid and another unfinished structure of a giant sideways diamond thingy but it was amazing to even try and guess how long he put into it :D
  6. a rabid miner

    massive tree house

    ok this topic is about lots of us,building the biggest tree house we can,i got this idea from uberhaxornova when i watched his treehouse video.. i want us to build a massive tree house(it has to look like a tree house) you cann build your own rooms,you can use ladders and rope but please dont use over the top colours like orange, red, blue, yellow ect. if you want to join me in this building,it will be in the nightime seed and look for JDW5 JoK3RzZ (me) to join :D please join me as this will make us all work as a team and it will get some of the community together :) i will set the game up in about 5 minutes or less because ive forgot what the night seed is sooo..:) edit: its open now please join :D
  7. a rabid miner

    HD Texture Pack's

    cant wait for these,i really want the venture texture pack :D
  8. a rabid miner

    do any of you like this song?

    ok so i just remembered listening to this song when i was younger and i just remembered it,i typed it into youtube and now im strangely hiked to it,i dont even like the sort of music,its just the way he sings and that he uses real instruments instead of that techno poo we have today that requires no talent at all.....in the comments tell me what you think of it :P edit--i do like this sort of music which is rock,but i think this is light rock but i still like it :P
  9. a rabid miner

    Whats the Time?

    4:03 am ---england,tired as hell but youtube is an addiction :P
  10. a rabid miner

    terrible video decent world

    wow nice title :P and your world is very good :D
  11. a rabid miner


    wait,your saying americans brought it on themselves when acctually it is caused by other counties aswell,or is it not,dont just blame america for this because iits affecting other countries too so if ou blame america everyone will be mad at america because it has affected the internet in other countries like england.
  12. a rabid miner

    Total Posts

    i like pie :P
  13. a rabid miner


    i got nothing exept a bit of spitting rain,manchester england i live in
  14. a rabid miner

    Best or worst dream ever?

    dreams are strange for me,the good dreams i dont remember,the bad dreams are very bad and i remember them all,the worst one is when i imagined i went to a school and all my friends that were there hated me for some reason and it was just a continuous loop untill i woke up,but it felt real
  15. a rabid miner

    which should i get?

    oh ok thanks :D by the way what type of music do you play on your acoustic,spanish,general normal music or whatever,ive got 2 old acoustics in the back of my wardrobes and for some reason ive just started to like them and notice them more lol