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  1. Roobix

    Post a picture of yourself? :3

    It is impossible for anyone to be wise. Because as we all know, Wisdom = Magic.
  2. Roobix

    HD TEXTURE PACK - LifeLike

    stfu, kids. Anyway, back on to the real deal, these look amazing. Would be nice to have a realistic texture back in the game ^_^
  3. Roobix

    Post a picture of yourself? :3

    *le latest Sorreh it's reet small, took it on my webcam for MSN real quick.
  4. Roobix

    Roobix's'&edplex's Free Graphics Shop

    Need to wait for plex to come online and help with all these requests. Also need to get your render done. Plus I have to revise for my GCSE exam next Thursday. and I'm in a rush because I have until next Saturday to get these finished.
  5. Roobix


    U.S. Version? Oh dear.
  6. I don't get any requests. Just act like a douche and people leave you alone ^_^
  7. Roobix

    Reapers in Disguise clan thread(RiD).

    I could contribute, planning on getting a PC during my lack of nets, and just recording a mega collection of Lets Plays. Anyway, could someone send me a Dig Deep world? One preferably with all blueprints? I had to delete mine ages ago and I can't be assed starting all over again, because I worked on my old world for 24hr+
  8. Roobix

    Fallout: The world in a Vault

    How do you plan to mix Fallout 2 with New Vegas? I'd be up for this, too.
  9. Roobix

    Fallout 3

    Mine got stuck in mid-air.
  10. Roobix

    Reapers in Disguise clan thread(RiD).

    Life *****. As I said, I won't be back for a while. I'm afraid so, ah well, it was nice while it lasted :D. Anyway, for everyone else I pretty much won't be here for the next half a year, and maybe when I am back I won't be as active because I'm buying a PC instead. I'll still be able to play Total Miner, just not as much as awesome-o PC games :D
  11. Roobix

    What music do you listen to?

    Gone of the concept of electronica, started listening to instruments now.
  12. Roobix

    Reapers in Disguise clan thread(RiD).

    I leave on the 3rd March, I've handed in my papers of resignation, my gun and my badge. No seriously, I'm going on March the 3rd. The internet is getting cut off. Probably won't see you guys for another 3 or 4 months. So yeah....
  13. Roobix

    Adventures Of Ummm

    Oh, right. So what I described was a reference of a reference? REFERCEPTION.
  14. Somebody please give me £100 so I can go out, buy a new xbox, and play video games until the new xbox brakes, and then buy a new xbox and play some more video games, get bored of Xbox so I buy a PC, play PC for years on end, become a famous youtuber who earns £40+ a month just from making videos about me talking about games and playing them and sometimes doing a cheeky facecam, then my account gets shut down for copyright and I basically get charged $11,000,000,000 and go to prison for a...