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  1. ZeyrohGFX

    Zeyroh's GFX Shop | Fast | Clean | Avatars

    Oh okay i understand
  2. ZeyrohGFX

    Zeyroh's GFX Shop | Fast | Clean | Avatars

    I should Thats an idea I didnt double post it was moved becaus ei posted in the wrong section
  3. Form: Text text Color Background Color Any Designs? If so, what? Avatar for which site? Willing to sub (Not needed) www.youtube.com/user/ZeyrohGFX Post merged. Forgot to mention that this is FREE!
  4. ZeyrohGFX

    Buying OG Gamertags!

    I have one its on silver now its called No Help Needed. I wont give the account but i will sell the GT to you for 1600 msp so i can change it so you can have it. Send KoS x Zeyroh a message on xbox in text so i can give you the name
  5. ZeyrohGFX

    Awesome Place For Free Fonts.

    I use dafont to get all my fonts I love that site