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  1. Bump - Im suprised nobodys interested in this.
  2. Panther, PM me on skype once you get this and youre at your PC, ill send you the link there.
  3. Thankyou monitorize, i didnt think a vouch copy was needed here since im a trusted user and nobody else has had to provide a vouch copy. Just because it may look to good or people dont wanna pay they feel the right to ask for a vouch copy. I gave panther a vouch copy from a recent act of kindness he did for me and he can also be my vouch copy to stopp everybody else complaining and saying my method is just to sell methods.
  4. Its been vouched for on LF and is currently on sale at $5, ill give anybody here at XM full support whenever if they purchase. The guy that vouched has said that some know of it but very few and its highly unsaturated and my guide is a well detailed guide.
  5. rasta, firstly you just copied Panther for the sake of a post and secondly even though you copied it made no sense? Dont put my method down without seeing it, it has NOTHING to do with selling methods. I will provide one Vouch copy, Ill give it to Monitorize later via Skype.
  6. Hey guys, im selling a method here which ive tried and tested and it literally does make you hundreds and deppending how damn hard youre willing to work this thing can make from what ive seen $500+ in a day, thats no word of a lie BUT you must put in some effort. This method does not require much skill in my opinion, as far as im concerned your success will be reflected by the amount of effort you put in and your creativity. It does not require coding (although if you really wanted to you could but it would take more time and wouldnt be necessary), PPD, E-whoring, investment, or any other current method out there really. Only things i can say it uses is some creativity, a phone or skype and no this method is not blackhat it is fully legit and legal and highly unsaturated! Price: I will sell my first few coppies for $10 and depending how fast i get sales i will then be doubling the price because you can make at a minimum of x10 of what your paying for the ebook in one day if you succeed in just 1 of what the ebook tells you to do, but it is very doable to do this multiple times in a day hents how ive seen this make in excess of $500 and once seen it make $1000. I understand that some people may be weary of these claims which is why im selling it low to begin with. As always there are no refunds and you are not allowed to resell this guide without my permission. If you wish to sell this on then ask me and we can work out a price and ill drop my thread and you can sell it on. PAYPAL ONLY and NO TIME WASTERS
  7. BassMachine


    Out of the states, in the middle east haha. Bahrain :trollol:
  8. BassMachine


    I was going to offer this before as ive got a good selection of MOD menues all mixed up together on one disc but due to my location shipping would cost a bit more than usual i think.
  9. BassMachine


    Be careful not to over charge, guys are selling pre modded discs with multiple premium mods and anti freeze software all for a reasonable price nowadays.
  10. BassMachine

    im angrywaffle100

    Welcome to the community once again, and i do agree with panther, have you not introduced yourself already? Anyways, enjoy your stay, feel free to ask anybody questions we are a very welcoming bunch. Happy modding,
  11. Guys, if you come on at anytime and want to know if im hosting a lobby please check the STATUS area on the original post, i WILL keep it up to date even when im out and about to keep you guys up to date on when my Lobby will be open and closed, i dont feel you should have to wait around i want everybody to make the most and enjoy my Lobbies and for as long as possible. Thanks,
  12. BassMachine

    Banner or Signia

    Ghost, i never said he HAD to pay, but in my experience waiting for a GFX designer to do stuff for free takes time. Once you throw in the offer of payment they will bite your hand off and get the job done fast and put that extra bit of effort in to make it look "professional". Also can you please tone down the posts, all i can see on the forum is your name next to every"most recent post by:". By all means be an active poster but calm it down a bit mate.
  13. BassMachine

    Breaking News Monitorize is SICK :(

    Im not saying take this down, im not taking sides in anything im simply suggesting why Raz0r might have been a bit uncomfortable with it. Im not saying anybody is a suckup so i apologize if you took it that way but there is a fine line, so im saying nobody should go to far.
  14. BassMachine

    Banner or Signia

    I recommend you offer a little something in return for somebody's time and effort especially if you want it to look professional. There aren't many GFX Designers here so they may need a little bait before they will design for you. Either that or perhaps lower expectations and be patient. Time is money -_-