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    Oregon, USA, North America, Earth, Orion Cygnus arm, Milky Way Galaxy, Universe No. 2
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    I like games with cusomization and open-world/RPG's. I am writing a book. It is the second in a trilogy.
  1. I am random I am total miner narnia top troll slayer I kill trolls that kill me I salute you person oops I'm sorry mister troll slayer .-.

  2. Doctor Pebphiz

    Arrow in the knee' jokes

    Wow, you're posting that a lot. It's hilarious, but maybe you should stop soon? Don't make me shoot you in the knee. That tends to stop people from doing all kinds of things. Even if it has nothing to do with their knee!
  3. Doctor Pebphiz

    Couple of Pics from my map Freeland

    Whoa! That's how it's supposed to look? That's not how I pictured it at all. No wonder they thought that it was a narwhal!
  4. Doctor Pebphiz

    Couple of Pics from my map Freeland

    Oh, right. I meant Dig Deep. I fixed it. I've never seen the movie, just read the book. But the book was amazing. Good luck with your world! Also, what do you mean by "I fall a lot"? Because you keep saying it.
  5. Doctor Pebphiz

    Couple of Pics from my map Freeland

    Is the submarine really based on Captain Nemo's Nautilus from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea? Or are you just calling it the Nautilus? Also, I might add that everything shown here is absolutely amazing. If it was in Creative, I might understand. But then you said it was in Dig Deep? MIND BLOWN!
  6. Doctor Pebphiz

    How to get banned from Xbox Live like a boss.

    I laughed harder at that than anything else all day! +1 rep for that!
  7. Doctor Pebphiz

    Roobix's'&edplex's Free Graphics Shop

    Well, it seems that you aren't doing any of theese lately, but just in case you are, I would like to make a request. It's right here. Thanks in advance, if you are still doing these, that is.
  8. Doctor Pebphiz

    Please proffessional-ize this.

    I am going to make a YouTube group(yes, another one ending with "cast"), and I'd like an image to represent it.
  9. Doctor Pebphiz

    Good Total Miner Idea!!!

    Let me add a few things: Acid, with flowing physics. Experience, that you level up with to pick perks and upgrades for your character. Armor! Custom avatars with full animation sets! Dragons with submarines armed with grenade bazookas on it. Storyline with full voice acting for the characters. Spaceships that let you travel to space! Dinosaurs! Greenstone wiring!(I put so much thought into this particular, original idea) I will probably add some more soon!
  10. Doctor Pebphiz

    Please proffessional-ize this.

    So, I'm not very good(I suck) at making images and things for signatures... and things. So I would like to make a request for anyone who is good. And I don't have any good image editing software, but I need a higher quality version of this thing: So, as you might have seen, I would like a multi colored background with shades of pink, red, and purple. In the middle, I would like "ReWP" in big, flashy letters. And below that, "(CAST)" in smaller letters of the same style. In the top right, an image of a yellow or red flower. In the top left, the image of a tiger or cat(preferably a drawn one, or cartoonish one). In the bottom right, the image of a dog. If it can have red eyes, thats a plus. I don't know how hard this is going to be, but if you can do it, that will be just amazing. I don't know of any way to repay you, though.
  11. Doctor Pebphiz

    Assassin's Creed Sig

    Seriously, it's almost like they are just trying to boost their post count... Wait.... Anyway, I would give it a 7.5/10 as well. Even though it would be almost impossible for me to make, it doesn't seem too, I don't know... detailed? Flashy? No, not those. What is it? Oh well, it's still pretty cool.
  12. Doctor Pebphiz


    Stickman Sam dies in a highly unlikely way. R.I.P. Stickman Sam.
  13. Doctor Pebphiz

    How to get banned from Xbox Live like a boss.

    Wow, Microsoft actually takes action against people who have complaints filed against them? Well, let's just say that, in that case, there will be a lot less people with naked or near naked women as their Black Ops emblem online for a little bit. Hah hah!
  14. Doctor Pebphiz

    Pick One!

    Mmm, no. That is not right.
  15. Doctor Pebphiz

    Pick One!

    Ha ha, okay, you're right! But adult ocopuses are still creepy, while adult giraffes are still adorable.