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Hosting GTA ISO Modded Lobby (TBOGT ONLY) (CLOSED)

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Open Tomorrow (Closed)


Gamer Tag- TiPC nClutch 


Please once you have seen I am legit post a comment and say legit!  


TBOGT only ! 


Message me saying "Inv XM"


I will invite you to a party and to a game! 


I can spawn anything you would like! 

I can also give any weapons you want! 



Do not freak out if someone kills you because i can always give you back what you lost! 

Do not ask 1 million questions or you will be kick. 

You are aloud to invite friends! 

If you do not have a mic then message me what you want! 


What i can spawn: 

Every car in the game with any color or any glow you would like on it! 

I can also give you modder protection and Juggernaut! 

I can give you a mod on your car to make it go a little bit faster! 

I can spawn every Helicopter with 2 new ones that you cannot get on multiplayer! 


Friendly Fire will be on and Cops will be off!! 




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