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A Guide To Keep/secure Your Og's After You Buy Them!

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As being someone who buys and sells gamertags i had numerous encounters to where the person would gain access back to the account. Today im going to give you some tips on how you can prevent this with some knowledge i know and some personal background and experience!








1.) Changing the email and pass are obviously  the first order of business. Try and do this asap or someone could recover it back and gain access.


2.) Check if there are any extra emails connected to the account, you can check by going here: >https://account.live.com/SummaryPage.aspx

. By going here you can also change contact info, billing info and contact and much more! 


3.) Turbo-ing. Now this is not the safest way but in fact some people do this and the out come varies. Basically you get a tag with a account from the owner, but you want your own account so there is no second or third owner, only a first. So you could turbo it to your new silver account that you made. How ever if you make a general ad about this, many people could turbo that tag meaning its a complete free-for-all. (Hard to explain sorry about that, post if you don't get it or p.m).


4.) Changing the gamertag to fit on your account. Not really a safe way but back then this could have been used and still used today. Like turbo-ing, where it does it automatically, this is just buying msp for both accounts, and transferring the tag from it original

to the account you made.




Hopefully this will help you secure you oG gamertags, and thanks for reading!



If you have any questions or feedback please post below. If you would like to add anything p.m or post below thanks!



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