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Secrets Of Graphics

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This is not a tutorial, this is just a simple thread where I will give my fellow graphic artists some tips and tricks to improve

your work! I would also really have liked it I could get a few comments and like's on this thread! So lets start!


Graphics General

Graphics is becoming more popular by the minute and many young graphic artist are starting and some of them have what I would call "Born Talent" while some are struggling. This is because they mostly have just seen tutorials and looked at other people work, that is wrong to do. What you need to make graphics is your mind, and yours alone. You should always try and explore the different tools in your program(s) and not let everyone tell you what it is! You should not follow a tutorial, but rather get ideas from them to make your own original artwork! This is the hardest part about being a artist, as coming up with something original is hard and takes time. One easy way to come up with ideas can be to take a walk outside and look around you and see what you can see, another way can be to just look at other peoples art but that makes it harder to maker originals since you are mostly taking from others.


The Act of Blending

​Blending, one of the most important things in graphics work. This is hard to get good at, but with the right resources and info it can be learned! Blending is when you make everything in the picture fit so you don't see what you have added. Like, if you make a signature and add a render, if you blend well you will not see where the render start and where it ends. You will only see the "Main" spots on the render. This is good blending.




In this picture you can barely see where the render once started and where it ends, this is a good example of good blending work done easy. There are so many ways to blend with the tools you have today that it shouldn't really be a problem to find a way that you like to do it!


The Attention of Main

The attention in a picture and especially in signature is very important. If you are making a signature for example and take a render of a character, then you should be careful and let the render get most of the attention. Don't make the text or background to easy to spot, make it so the render is the first thing you look at when looking at a picture. Make what you think is the most important thing in the picture stand out and be the first thing everyone will lay there eyes on!

Example of Attention...:




The very first thing you will look at here is the render, you will not stare at the background at all!


I feel like I have covered the most important things you should know when making graphics in this little thread, but if there is something you think I miss the please comment and I will add it... :)

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