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Call for Submissions: The recipe for eye candy

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This week's guest post assignment is inspired by an email from reader Dawnseven:

I've really been enjoying
on choosing a video card and what to consider when building a new system. They prompted me to take a good, hard look at my system, and I discovered that my video card was capable of much more than I thought. Consequently, I purchased a new 24" high-def monitor and now I understand the meaning of the term "eye candy." I had no idea my older monitor was so dim and dingy.


Consequently, this caused me to actually look at the video settings for the game which I honestly probably haven't looked at since Wrath came out. With my new monitor, I thought I could "tweak" a few things; however, to my horror, I discovered that I don't even know what more than half of the video settings mean. Multisampling? Wassat? Specular lighting? Is that good? Vertical synch and ground clutter density? Do I need those?


Obviously, people have different computers with difference components and different monitors, and there is no right answer for what your video settings could or should be set at ... but perhaps someone can explain what the video settings mean? (And I don't mean the cryptic little explanation Blizz gives, but what they mean to tech ignorant players.) Also, is there some kind of prioritizing? Which video settings are important to the eye candy factor, and which can be safely scaled back if the hit to the frame rate is too high?


When I fire up Cata on release day, I want to be mesmerized and see all of Deathwing's handiwork in its full glory!

Details on this article assignment, after the cut.Continue reading Call for Submissions: The recipe for eye candy


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Call for Submissions: The recipe for eye candy originally appeared on WoW Insider on Fri, 17 Sep 2010 15:00:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.


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