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XM's News letter/updates

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What's up XM its been a few years now but we are back, I am slowly putting everything together day by day. By Saturday night latest i am hoping to have a new custom theme finished and published on XM to use. It will give us a much better look and feel as well as some optimization that was needed. 


We were running IPB 3.4 which is now upgraded to the latest at 4.3, with that there is some stuff we must abide by such as GDPR which is being working on right now and you will have to accept the new TOS upon sign in . For more information go Here this will show you how the software is affected and what changes were made.


I am still slowly putting awards back up the shop and gold subscription back up (all members who bought any time at all get either a month more free or lifetime) 


Thank you for choosing and staying with us, XM I will update this if I forgot anything else 

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