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Rise of the underdogs

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Following the Russia 2018 world cup, it seems that the countries tipped to win the trophy are being showed no mercy by the underdogs countries. With the likes of Spain, Germany, Argentina, Portugal, all kicked out of the tournament. Who knows the next underdog that will knockout a big name country? 

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This is an old thread but I just had to comment on it. I remember how my dad and I were laughing in the living room as we watched the superheroes of football being kicked out of the tournament by the 'underdogs'. It seems like change is gaining some foothold in the football arena. The same is being seen every day in leagues across the globe. The pain, however, comes when I have to watch my favorite team being beaten up by newbies. Trust me, it feels really bad to watch it. It is like watching your son getting beaten up by other boys in the neighborhood but cannot do anything about it.

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