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Halo: Combat Evolved Review

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Game Information

Release Date : November 15th, 2001

Developed By : Bungie Studios

Genre: First : Person Shooter

Platform : Xbox

Age Restriction : M for Mature




Halo: Combat Evolved takes place in a science fiction universe created by Bungie Studios specifically for the game. According to the story, the overpopulation of Earth and the realization of faster-than-light travel have caused the human race to colonize other planets. A keystone of these efforts is the planet Reach, an interstellar naval yard and a hub of scientific and military activity. A secret military endeavor, dubbed the SPARTAN Project, was established on Reach to create an army of biologically engineered, cyborg "super-soldiers". Twenty-seven years before the beginning of the game, a technologically advanced collective of alien races, the Covenant, began to attack human settlements, declaring humanity an affront to their gods. The United Nations Space Command experienced a series of crushing defeats, and, although the super-soldiers of the SPARTAN-II Project fought effectively against the Covenant, they were too few in numbers to turn the tides of war.

To prepare for a mission to discover the location of the Covenant's homeworld, SPARTAN-II soldiers were recalled to Reach for armor upgrades. Two days before the mission was to begin, Covenant forces attacked Reach and destroyed the colony. A starship, the Pillar of Autumn, survived the onslaught with the lead SPARTAN-II, Master Chief, onboard. The ship initiated a random jump to slipspace (similar to hyperspace), hoping to lead the enemy away from Earth. The game starts with the Pillar of Autumn encountering Halo.

The titular Halo is an enormous, ring-shaped artificial space habitat/planet, which (according to Bungie Studios) has a diameter of ten thousand kilometers. Halo sits at a Lagrange point between a planet and its moon. Centrifugal force created by the rotation of the station provides the ring's gravity.




Here we have the Halo Combat Evolved Campaign, the Campaign that millions have played and loved! The Halo CE Campaign was so perfect at the time because it brought hundreds of thousands of people into FPS Gaming since at the time it wasn't as popular as it is today. Anyways, the Campaign was excellent since you could drive vehicles, hold multiple weapons, had a great health/damage system, great storyline, and for time being, had some neat graphics. Take a look at some of the graphics :






So the Campaign was epic, it was fun playing and couldn't of been better! On top of that, the reason why many people even got a Xbox in the first place is because of Halo (myself included). There are countless hours of fun to be played when you will play this Campaign, and if you've never played the Halo CE campaign at all, I highly suggest you play it, it's one of the best of the Halos and gaming in general in my opinion.




Due to the fact that Halo: Combat Evolved Shipped with the Xbox when it firs released, Online sadly wasn't available for the Game. That didn't stop people from playing in LAN Parties and co-op though. That being said, there were 13 Maps to be played from for the Game, those Maps were :

Battle Creek



Rat Race


Hang Em High

Chill Out


Boarding Action

Chiron TL-34

Blood Gultch



ost of the maps being so good that they were remade on later Halo Games.




Like any other Halo game, there are Multiple awards, so let's take a look at some of the Awards this game got.


  • Game Rankings : 95%/100 [Xbox]
  • Metacritic : 97%/100 [Xbox]
  • Edge : 10/10
  • Eurogamer : 8/10
  • Electronic Gaming Monthly : 10/10
  • Game Informer : 9.5/10
  • GameSpot : 9.7/10
  • GameSpy : 8.5/10
  • X-Play : 5/5
  • IGN : 9.7/10 ('01 Game of the Year)
  • 2002 Game Developers Choice Awards: Excellence in Audio
  • 5th Annual Interactive Achievement Awards: Console and Overall Game of the Year
  • Console Action / Adventure, Visual Engineering
  • 2000 Game Critics Awards: Best Action Game
  • Within two months of release, it sold along 50% of Xbox Consoles
  • Stated as the "Best Selling Xbox Game of All time" from IGN
  • Rated #1 out of 100 for Best games of Recent Memory from Official Xbox Magazine and they stated "The Xbox did not create Halo, Halo made the Xbox".
  • 33% of Xbox Owners, owned Halo Combat Evolved






I really shouldn't have to explain why this game got a 10/10, it had an absolutely amazing soundtrack, excellent Campaign story line, and really changed the ways First-Person Shooters were created.

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sick review - nice you added pics.

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amazing review dude, Ive never played this game i might have to check it out

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Good review. It serves the game well.. :D

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nice Review

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Holy Crap! Nice piece of work! Do one on minecraft.

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Nice post, do take the time to type that?

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Nice post, do take the time to type that?

I take alot of time for some and little for others, like Halo CE was easy to review simply because the game is amazing, plus the first shooter i played was Halo CE so i had a headstart.

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Yeah, 10/10 also for me. I love the game and the graphic details. Although i played the game in Windows platform i still think that Halo CE is excellent both. Also the game is very light in terms of system requirements that's why its very playable. I have finished the campaign several times and i still play it from time to time.

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