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Gears Of War 3 : Review

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Game Information

Developer - Epic Games

Platform - Xbox 360

Release Date - September 20th 2011

Genre - Third Person Shooter

Rating - 18+




The events in Gears of War 3 takes place two years after Jacinto, humanity's last stronghold, is destroyed in an effort to completely eradicate the Locust Horde. The Coalition of Ordered Governments (COG) remnants relocate to Vectes, a secluded island, in order to rebuild their civilization. The COG then disbands after Chairman Prescott mysteriously disappears and seemingly abandons his forces. A new foe, the Lambent, are threatening humanity's dwindling numbers. As the Lambent begin to invade Vectes, Marcus Fenix and his comrades retreat to the CNV Sovereign, a helicopter carrier, and take refuge at sea.





Gears of War 3 begins as Chairman Prescott unexpectedly arrives on the aircraft carrier Sovereign. Prescott informs Marcus Fenix he needs to relay important information to the ship's senior officer, Captain Michaelson. The Lambent then launch a surprise attack on the ship during which Michaelson is killed and Prescott is mortally wounded. Before dying, Prescott gives Marcus an encrypted data disc and reveals that his father, Adam Fenix, is still alive but captive on Azura, a secret COG base. Marcus, Dom, Cole and Baird fight their way to the Anvil Gate Fortress, where Colonel Hoffman possesses the necessary equipment to decrypt Prescott's disc. Upon arriving at Anvil Gate, Marcus and his comrades assist Hoffman's soldiers in repelling a combined Lambent and Locust assault.

Upon further analysis of the disc's content, Marcus learns that Azura is protected by man-made hurricane generators, making the island only accessible by submarine. They also learn that the Imulsion isn't an energy source but a sentient life form that is slowly consuming the planet. Marcus and his comrades successfully find a submarine but require Imulsion to fuel it. Dom suggests they first venture to an abandoned town called Mercy (the hometown of his late wife, Maria), where they discover that humans are becoming Lambent. Shortly upon arrival, the Gears are overrun by the Lambent. Dom sacrifices himself to create an explosion that wipes out the hostile forces. Demoralized, they are forced to continue their search for fuel in the city of Char after their truck runs out of fuel. The ruined city is inhabited by several 'Stranded' civilians who are led by Griffin. Despite his dislike for the Coalition of Ordered Governments, Griffin reluctantly tasks Marcus to recover a supply of Imulsion. After acquiring the fuel they are attacked by the Locust Horde, led by Queen Myrrah. Griffin's forces sustain heavy casualties in the ensuing battle, but the Gears are ultimately able to escape and fuel their submarine.

Marcus finally arrives at Azura only to discover it is really a sanctuary and resort for Sera's most elite and powerful individuals. Adam contacts the Gears and reveals he is being held captive atop a hotel in Azura. Marcus battles through waves of hostiles before finding his father. Adam quickly explains that he has created a device that will release an energy wave capable of eradicating all Lambent and Locust life forms on Sera. Adam had worked with Myrrah before to try to tune the wave so that only Lambent would be affected, but with Lambent now infecting humans, Adam ran out of time, infuriating Myrrah. Marcus and his comrades defend Adam from the Locust and Lambent, including an attack by Myrrah. Adam reveals that he had to infect himself with Lambent cells in order to test his machine. As the machine begins to pulsate with energy, Adam bids his son farewell before crumbling into a pile of dust. Myrrah rises from the rubble and begins insulting Adam. Marcus fatally stabs Myrrah with Dom's commando knife. Shortly afterwards, the machine emits a blue wave of energy that sweeps across Sera, destroying the Locust and Lambent forces. The scene transitions back to Marcus, who is mournfully wondering what humanity has left. He is comforted by Anya, who assures Marcus that the sacrifices of Adam, Dom, and their comrades have guaranteed humanity a future.





The multiplayer side is feature-packed and extremely comprehensive, with four-player co-op and Beast Mode the headline additions to an already substantial suite of co-op and competitive entertainment.

The delicious novelty of Beast Mode makes it an instant attraction. Offering the opposite perspective to Horde Mode, players control Locust enemy types from the scurrying Ticker all the way to the rampaging Berserker, with teams of up to five players tasked with clearing waves of humans against the clock. It's great fun.

Horde Mode has also been tweaked, with teams now selecting a 'Command Post' around which they can purchase defences in the lull before a wave begins to bolster their position against the onslaught.

In regular Versus mode, after several days of thoroughly enjoyable scrapping with the lucky few already online, whilst forecasting is a dangerous business, it's hard to see anyone getting bored in a hurry with the content that's included.

Of the ten maps on offer here, personal favourites are Drydock, its caged central section a blood-and-guts magnet; the absorbing interior/exterior cat-and-mouse of Hotel; and, for plain out-and-out chaos, Thrashball, set in the ruins of Cole Train's home football stadium.

The overhauled rewards system deserves a special mention. It's a real boon whatever your skill level, often giving you all kinds of ego-salving props even after a total mauling. Whatever and however well you're doing (including Campaign co-op), there's a constant and satisfying sense of progress.











IGN: Best Action and Shooter Game (2011)

G4: Best Xbox 360 Game and Shooter (2011)

Game Informer: Best Cooperative Mode (2011)






Amazing game is all that needs to be said.

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I'm going to buy it because of YOUR review! You made it sound awesome!

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It is awesome, if you do happen to get it add me :)

GT - eSq Derek

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It is awesome, if you do happen to get it add me :)

GT - eSq Derek


I will!

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