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Mob of the Dead Tutorials/How to's

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Tutorials/How To's 

"Pop Goes the Weasel" Main Side Quest Easter Egg Guide! 
This is the main side quest easter egg guide on Mob of the Dead. I believe this will be one of the first posts on TTG to post this full guide, so here it is. So basically, before hand, you're going to need a couple of things done already. Here are the following that need to be done: 
-Hell's Retriever Acquired (Can be done by seeing the tutorial below this one) 
-The Plane built to accessing the Golden Gate Bridge (See tutorial below for more info 
-4 Total players (I suggest most of them have a general sense of what they're doing 
-I suggest Juggernog as this will get tricky, and may take some time. 

The first step is to make your way to the Michigan cell blocks. Look in the cells for a cell that contains a poster on the wall, which looks green and blue. Hold down the Tomahawk button, and throw it at the wall. The poster should now disappear. 

Next, go directly into Afterlife mode, and follow the one Afterlife pathway that is right next to the cells. Go forward a bit, and look to the right, you should see a spoon on the Ground. Zap it in Afterlife mode, and the spoon should now, disappear into thin air. 

Go to the cafeteria and travel to the far barrier in the area. Look to the right outside of the barrier, and there should be a spoon there. Hold your tomahawk for 3 seconds, and throw it at it. 

The first thing after this is that you're going to need to do is make your way to the roof, and take a trip to the GG bridge with at least one other player. This is essential because it will unlock access to the Skulls which will be found later on in the guide. 

After you have done so, you're going to want to use the electric chairs to get back to the island. Once done, you're going to want to find 5 total blue skulls. This is where the Tomahawk comes into play; you'll be using them to retrieve the skulls to yourself. The first skull is located on the docks. For each of these skulls, you're going to have to go into Afterlife mode, and then shock each of the skulls in Afterlife mode several times (About 3) until they spark and light up with a blue tint. Once done, remember the exact location. You will not be able to see the skulls in normal mode, so make sure you remember. The first one is on the docks, right here. 

Get your tomahawk back, and continue. The next skull is a bit tricky; you're going to need to ride the gondola from the top down. On your way down, look out the back, and then throw your tomahawk at it after shocking it prior. The skull should latch towards you. 

Right in this area: 

Now, continue on your way towards the library in Afterlife mode. Across from the library, should be a line of jail cells; in one of these will be the blue skull (They don't spawn in the same cell each time, usually in the middle one however). Shock it in purgatory mode, and retrieve it back with the tomahawk. 

Make your way to the wardens office. Once entered, go to the far window, and look out the barrier window. You should see a house, and the shore outside. There should be a transformer light grid outside as well; look at the top of it, and shock it in afterlife, and retrieve it w/Tomahawk (It looks too far away, but trust me, aim it in the general direction and you should be good). 

Next, go all the way back to the roof. The skull is located all the way at the back of the roof, towards one of the open balconies. Look for it in Afterlife, you can't miss it, and shock it. Once you've found it, retrieve it with the tomahawk. 

Now make your way back to the Warden's office, and you'll have a nice surprise on the desk; there will be a fire set, and the Blunder Gat set on there as well. Make SURE you retrieve it, as it continues the story. 

The next step may take you a while to get used to, but you'll get the hang of it eventually. Basically, you must free the prisoners by heading to the bottom of the spiral stairs in Afterlife mode and shocking the numbers according to the prisoner numbers like so. This is unconfirmed, but to make this work, it apparently has been said you need to travel to the GG bridge a total of 3 times before doing this. Once you get back, the number pads will shift in sequence and flicker. This means it is correct, and you can enter the numbers. So basically, enter afterlife mode, and have one player go to the number pad and shock the pads to enter these numbers accordingly IN ORDER. If they are out of order, or you accidentally go one too high, just keep shocking it as the number goes back down to zero after 9 is entered. Also, once you enter in a correct number, they will reset to a random number, this means it is correct. So go to the pad, and shock these numbers accordingly; 


Once this is done correctly, your screen will turn black and white, and you'll hear audio logs. Listen to it, and then once finished it will lead you up to the roof. You'll make your way up by going through the doors that lead to the infirmary, and if done correct you'll see these power drops on the floor: 

Just before you hit the roof, the last audio log will be played. This will indicate you've done it correctly, so once done you'll get the last one. Now, for the final step, all players need to enter into Afterlife mode. If you've done this step correctly, once you enter afterlife mode, your afterlife ticker will not count down, it will stay infinite. Once you've done this correctly, go to the plane, and move around holding "X", until you are boarded on the plane (YOU WILL NOT GET AN INDICATOR SAYING YOU CAN GET ON THE PLANE, SO DON'T PANIC WHEN YOU DON'T GET THE INDICATION, simply hold "X" until you're on the plane. Then the plane will take off and crash onto the GG bridge. 

Then, get to the electric chairs and find your character. Revive him, and get back up, when you do this the Weasel (Al Arlington) will have a KILL symbol above his head. If you listen to the Audio Logs you can hear the other 3 players talking about killing the Weasel. This is a message from the future, but you can choose to BREAK the future basically, by letting the Weasel kill all of you. You can choose either one, both will get you the achievement, I suggest letting the Weasel kill the rest of you so you can break the cycle. But this is what it looks like when you get there. 


How to Build the Plane/Get to Golden Gate Bridge/Pack-a-Punch 

Getting to the pack-a-punch on this map is quite a lengthy task actually. For the Packapunch you first need to craft the Plane, and from this you have to fly off to the GG bridge. Here is the Pack-a-Punch, but here lies a whole lot of Zombies as well. To craft the plane follow these steps: 

The First step is by making your way to the bottom stairs, and entering Afterlife mode through there. This will kill yourself, and respawn yourself in a new area. Find the nearest Afterlife portal, and go through it. Follow the pathway shown in the video below, to that area, and shock that mechanism with your afterlife powers. Make your way to the above portal, shock it, and revive yourself. The Key will spawn nearby. 

Nextly, head to the dock, and find a gate which can be opened. Open it, and use the afterlife machine right in that spot. Literally turn your head a few inches, and you'll find the clock mechanism; shock it to turn it off, and a door to the right will open. Revive yourself, and find the gas tanks to the right of you. 

Next make your way up to the top of the spiral stair case. Find the Afterlife switch at the top, and use it in that spot. Now, slowly make your way down the stairs, and on the left, pay attention to the order of the numbers. There may be various numbers, but memorize them, and in which order they come down the stairs. They will look like this; 

Then, go down fully and shock the enablers as many times in the order that you saw going down the stairs. 

Revive yourself, go down the stairs fully, make a left to find a gate. Behind that gate is the part you just unlocked. 

Make your way to the middle area of the map inside the cells. There should be an afterlife option there. Use it, and find machines all in that room (There are 3) and shock them using your afterlife powers. This will unlock a jail cell nearby, which will spawn with a green hue, find it, and open the gate. The next part will be in that cell. 

Make your way to the roof, but right before the roof entry, there will be a little case with a green glowing object inside of it; find it, Open it, and take what is inside. This is a needed piece. Next make your way to the downstairs laundry area. Find the afterlife option in the laundry/shower room, and make your way to the back. There will be a powered mechanism nearby a clothe washer. Find this, shock it, and then go back and revive yourself. This will enable the clothe washer to be turned on. Find it, turn it on, and this will start the cycle. Make sure to find cover, because loads of Zombies will begin attacking you. Survive the mob, and then you will be rewarded with the next piece located in the clothe washing machine where you found it. 

Next make your way to the roof, this will be the last step; find a little ramp area, Go up to it, with all of the pieces, hold X to craft the plane, and then get on it. Take off will occur, and you'll land in the Pack-a-Punch area.


How to Get the Golden Spork Melee Weapon
The Golden spork melee weapon is by far one of the best melee weapons we've ever been introduced to in Zombies. The Golden spork is a melee weapon in Zombies which can be achieved by doing the following steps. The Weapon also allows melee attacks to be one-hit-kills until round 30+ It acts like a regular knife, however it makes knifing one hit kills. To understand the full guide, watch this video, for an extremely good understanding of how to get the Golden Spork. There is no confirmation what round it wears off.


How to Upgrade the Hell's Retriever Tomahawk (Hell's Redeemer)

Many Zombie's players have been putting much use to the new implemented tomahawk in Zombies, and it has been a crucial implementation. The Tomahawk is a very neat feature, however, many people do not know that it can be upgraded to a more powerful version. Basically, this new and improved version of the Tomahawk allows the tomahawk to deliver more damage when thrown, and more range. It also works very well at short distance of throwing. Getting this upgrade is quite simple as well. Find your way to the middle of the jail cells, to around the area of where the Hellhound spawns near Electric cherry. Look down and you should see a long and deep pit of fire (The Hell Hole). Get at an angle which is reachable, and throw your tomahawk down towards it. It should disappear, and you should not be able to get it back. Now, head over to where you pick it up in the tunnel. Go into Afterlife mode, go back towards the tomahawk, and you should now see a blue tomahawk there instead. Pick it up, and this will act as a new weapon. 



How to Easily Kill Brutus

Brutus, or the Warden(s) in MoTD is the new boss Zombie. He is very difficult to face alone, but if used the correct strategy, you will be able to kill him very easily. The most easiest way would be using the Tomahawk. Using the Tomahawk retrieved by the Hellhound will allow you to kill him very easily, or multiple amounts of him easily. This is by far the easiest way to kill him.



Ill try and add more later, but for now this should be helpful :D












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