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Crysis 3 Tech Demo Features Amazing Visuals

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Crytek has outed a trailer showing off CryEngine 3, the game engine that will power Crysis 3. The trailer gives an impressive insight into the technology behind the beautiful graphics, including volumetric fog, particle FX lighting and top secret tessellated toad tech.




Console gamers are going to have to wait for the next generation of gaming devices to match the trailer, however it gives a good indication of what modern PC's are capable of. Crytek is advertising CryEngine 3 as essentially 'next-gen tech today'.


Here are the main features of CryEngine 3 that Crytek points out during the trailer:

  • Real-time volumetric cloud shadows
  • Displacement mapping
  • Tessellated vegetation
  • Lens flares
  • Procedural HDR flares and shapes
  • Real-time global illumination
  • Dynamic water volume caustics
  • Real-time volumetric fog shadows
  • Real-time area lights
  • Unlimited particle FX lighting
  • Integrated cloth and vegetation simulation

See the trailer below (watch in full screen and 1080p):



The final feature, which seems to be causing a bit of stir, is the top-secret tessellated toad tech. What does this mean for the future of gaming? Nobody knows, however it is safe to hail Crytek as the industry leader of producing the best looking toads.



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